Encapsulation Methods

Placenta Encapsulation Professionals offer two methods of encapsulation RAW & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).



The raw method of placenta encapsulation is when the placenta is cleaned and then dehydrated followed by encapsulation. This method is said to retain all the vitamins and hormones, as there is no cooking. It’s also meant to pack more of a punch energy wise. Generally, there is a higher yield with this method, so therefore they last longer.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine method is when the placenta is cleaned and then gently steamed with ginger, chilli and lemon prior to dehydration and encapsulation. This method is said to have a warming effect and more of a slow release of the benefits. Steaming the placenta also kills any potential bacteria so the capsules can have a longer shelf life, but there is some belief that this may also lessen the beneficial effects by decreasing the levels of vitamins and hormones during the steaming process. This method is recommended for people prone to anxiety as the RAW method can be too strong.

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Placenta Mother Tinctures:

Placenta Tinctures are a solution of alcohol and placenta. The solution is gently swirled daily for a period of 6 weeks to release the benefits of the placenta into the liquid. The tincture is then taken in drops orally by the mother in periods of stress and unrest. PEP Placenta Mother Tinctures can be helpful to take over from when your capsules have all been taken. Placenta tinctures are also particularly beneficial at the return of your monthly cycle and menopause.

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Traditional burial preparation:

For Traditional Burial Preparation the placenta is dehydrated and powdered and returned in a biodegradable package to be planted under a tree of your choosing. Preparation of the placenta prior to planting makes the nutrients more available to plant life and less likely to attract unwanted animal life. PEP Traditional Burial Preparation also comes with a poem that you can personalise and recite during planting.

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Placenta Salves:

PEP Placenta Salves are made from dehydrated powdered placenta, healing herb infused olive oil, 100% pure essential oil (can be of your choosing) and beeswax. Placenta salves are excellent for nappy rash, minor skin irritations, minor burns and even wrinkle prevention. As they contain your placenta it’s like having a personalised healing ointment specific for you and your baby.

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