We often get placenta encapsulation questions via email, through Facebook or via phone and while we are happy to answer your placenta encapsulation questions whenever you think of them.

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to make your life easier.

If you can not find an answer to your placenta encapsulation questions below, feel free to contact us and we will answer them as soon as possible.. Remember there are no ‘silly’ placenta encapsulation questions, so never feel silly asking.


Where do you encapsulate placentas?

Placenta Encapsulation Professionals have a purpose built laboratory in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Although it is on our property it is completely separate from our house in order to prevent any chance of potential bacterial contamination.

Which placenta encapsulation method is best?

Both methods are beneficial; please see here for potential benefits. We are also happy to talk it through with you.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, Placenta Encapsulation Professionals are quite happy to take payments provided your booking deposit is made and the balance is completed by no later than capsule delivery.

I am on medication, will that effect placenta encapsulation?

This depends which medication you are taking, let us know at booking and we will give you information.

I have tested positive for Group B Strep am I able to have placenta encapsulation?

Yes, Group B Strep has no negative effects for encapsulating.

How do I know the placenta capsules I receive are made from my placenta?

Here at Placenta Encapsulation Professionals we limit our bookings and work with one placenta at a time. This prevents the possibility of cross contamination and completely eliminates any potential for mix-ups.

What if my placenta is not healthy?

All placentas are thoroughly examined before the encapsulating process begins. If a placenta is deemed unfit by either myself or by your care provider prior to pick up (ie.infection) a refund will be given.

Can I have a lotus birth and still do placenta encapsulation?

Yes, there are ways of lotus birthing that keeps your placenta in the ideal condition for encapsulating. Mention your intentions at booking and we will send you some information.

Can I have delayed cord clamping or cord blood banking and still encapsulate my placenta?

Yes, delaying your baby’s cord being clamped or donating your baby’s cord blood has no negative impact on placenta encapsulation.

I’m vegetarian, is placenta encapsulation ok for me?

Yes, our capsules are 100% hypromellose (HPMC) cellulose, derived from trees. They are also Preservative free, allergen free, starch free and gluten free. As ingesting your placenta capsules replaces lost iron, placenta encapsulation is an excellent idea for vegetarians/vegans.