How Encapsulation Works

How Encapsulation WorksSo you’ve had a read of the potential benefits from placenta encapsulation and you’ve decided it’s definitely for you.

Where do you go from here? What happens next? How does it work?

Having your placenta encapsulated is a very easy process, and here at Placenta Encapsulation Professionals, we have simplified the process for you to take all of the effort off your shoulders and to put it on ours. After all, you have a baby now and taking care of that new bundle should be all that’s on your mind, let PEP take care of your birth recovery with these 3 easy steps to placenta encapsulation.

Step 1: Contact us via email, phone or Private message (PM)

Step 2: Fill out booking documents, pay deposit and receive instruction packet in the post

Step 3: Follow the simple instructions in your packet, enjoy the worry free pick up of your placenta.

Receive your placenta capsules within 48 hours and reap the benefits.

Here at Placenta Encapsulation Professionals we will guide you through the process every step of the way. There are no stupid questions and we will happily answer them all for you whenever you need.