I’m so glad I did the placenta encapsulation with my second child! It certainly helped prevent post natal depression and increased my milk supply! There’s certainly a very special feeling knowing your putting back the precious nutrients in your body that helped your baby grow!


What an a amazing experience! Highly recommend the placenta encapsulation. Such a professional service – the pick up and delivery is done with the most genuine, kind approach- you can really tell that Jen is passionate about her work!!


I was very impressed with the service. From the beginning the information provided was clear and effective in helping me make a decision. The service itself was efficient and delivered in a really quick time frame. I could not have been happier to have done it and found it helped my milk supply and managing the hormone changes after my second baby. Highly recommend to anyone.


I have loved having the placenta encapsulation after birthing my second child. I have felt much better emotionally than with my first baby I have had no signs of the baby blues or postpartum depression and had much more energy. I would highly recommend placenta encapsulation to all expectant mothers.


The first few months with a newborn is an intense period full of emotions and sleep deprivation! I felt energised and capable despite these challenges, thanks in part to Jen’s encapsulation service, which was easily arranged, excellently presented and conveniently picked up and delivered. I will be back next time!