Placenta Encapsulation Professionals or P.E.P were founded in 2016, and prior to that, we have been providing a professional placenta encapsulation service through our sister business Doulas of Melbourne’s East established in 2012.

P.E.P is owned and run by Jennifer McCartin a fully trained dispensary technician and birth & postnatal Doula.

Located in a leafy suburb in Melbourne’s East is P.E.P’s purpose built laboratory lovingly called the “Capocavana” which is completely separate from the family home thereby preventing any chance of potential cross contamination for either you the client or my family.

At P.E.P we strictly adhere to the safety requirements of our blood-borne pathogens training and both food safety and Placenta Services Australia guidelines.

Each placenta we receive is given its individual time, care and respect. Being a small business there is no need to rush through the process to make way for the next in line, your placenta order is guaranteed to be scientifically handcrafted to the best quality, and delivered within a 48-60 hour period.

Here at Placenta Encapsulation Professionals we are happy to answer any questions you may have any time. Simply contact us here



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