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Encapsulation Methods

Placenta Encapsulation Professionals offer two methods of encapsulation RAW & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Raw Method

The raw method of placenta encapsulation is when the placenta is cleaned and then dehydrated followed by encapsulation.

This method is said to retain all the vitamins and hormones, as there is no cooking. It’s also meant to pack more of a punch energy wise.

Generally, there is a higher yield with this method, so therefore they last longer.

TCM Method

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method is when the placenta is cleaned and then gently steamed with ginger, chilli and lemon prior to dehydration and encapsulation.

This method is said to have a warming effect and more of a slow release of the benefits. Steaming the placenta also kills any potential bacteria so the capsules can have a longer shelf life, but there is some belief that this may also lessen the beneficial effects by decreasing the levels of vitamins and hormones during the steaming process.

This method is recommended for people prone to anxiety as the RAW method can be too strong.

other methods of

Placenta Preparations

Placenta Salves

P.E.P Placenta Salves are made from dehydrated powdered placenta, healing herb infused olive oil, 100% pure essential oil (can be of your choosing) and beeswax.

Placenta Salves are excellent for nappy rash, minor skin irritations, minor burns and even wrinkle prevention.

As they contain your placenta it’s like having a personalised healing ointment specific for you and your baby.

Placenta Mother Tinctures

Placenta Tinctures are a solution of alcohol and placenta.

The solution is gently swirled daily for a period of 6 weeks to release the benefits of the placenta into the liquid. The tincture is then taken in drops orally by the mother in periods of stress and unrest.

P.E.P Placenta Mother Tinctures can be helpful to take over from when your capsules have all been taken. Placenta tinctures are also particularly beneficial at the return of your monthly cycle and menopause.

Traditional Burial Preparation

For Traditional Burial Preparation, the placenta is dehydrated and powdered and returned in a biodegradable package to be planted under a tree of your choosing.

Preparation of the placenta prior to planting makes the nutrients more available to plant life and less likely to attract unwanted animal life.

P.E.P Traditional Burial Preparation also comes with a poem that you can personalise and recite during planting.

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Book your encapsulation

So you’ve had a read of the potential benefits from placenta encapsulation and you’ve decided it’s definitely for you.

Where do you go from here? What happens next? How does it work?

Having your placenta encapsulated is a very easy process, and here at Placenta Encapsulation Professionals, we have simplified the process for you to take all of the effort off your shoulders and to put it on ours. After all, you have a baby now and taking care of that new bundle should be all that’s on your mind, let PEP take care of your birth recovery with these 3 easy steps to placenta encapsulation.

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Packages & Pricing

There are many different services that we at Placenta Encapsulation Professionals can provide for you.

Each service is scientifically performed and handcrafted with the utmost cleanliness, respect, time and individuality that every placenta deserves. Taking time on each placenta ensures that Bloodborne Pathogen, Food Safety, and Placenta Services Australia guidelines are completely met.

Limiting our bookings also eliminates any potential for cross contamination or mix-ups.

Placenta Encapsulation Only
(Raw or TCM)


  • Placenta encapsulation (Raw or TCM)
  • Cord keepsake
  • Travel charge inclusive within 40km of Mooroolbark

Your investment: $350

PEP Package


  • Placenta encapsulation (Raw or TCM)
  • Cord keepsake
  • Colour print
  • Placenta tincture
  • Travel charge inclusive within 40km of Mooroolbark

Your investment: $450

PEP Premium Package


  • Placenta encapsulation (Raw or TCM)
  • Cord keepsake
  • Colour print
  • Placenta tincture
  • Placenta balm
  • Travel charge inclusive within 40km of Mooroolbark

Your investment: $550

PEP Platinum Package


  • Placenta encapsulation (Raw or TCM)
  • Cord keepsake
  • Colour print
  • Placenta tincture
  • Placenta balm
  • Onsite smoothie or umbilical cord dream catcher
  • Travel charge inclusive within 40km of Mooroolbark

Your investment: $650

other items

Additional Add-Ons

  • Placenta Gummies (approx. 30) – $50
  • Flavoured Capsules add on $15
  • Onsite Smoothie – $80
  • Mother Tincture (100ml) – $100
  • Placenta Balm (120ml) – $120
  • Umbilical Cord Dreamcatcher – $130
  • Coloured Placenta Print (Non-toxic colouring) – $70
  • Zodiac Galaxy Placenta Print – $150
  • Milk Booster Cookies – $50
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Birth Prep gummies (150g)  – $40
  • Placenta Disposal if only used for prints/tinctures – $20


We service

Travel charges are inclusive in all packages for the following hospitals and homebirths within 40km radius from Mooroolbark 3138:

  • The Angliss Hospital, Ferntree Gully, 3156

  • Box Hill Hospital, Box Hill, 3128

  • Healesville Hospital, Healesville, 3777

  • Jessie McPherson (Jessie Mac) Private Hospital, Clayton, 3168

  • Knox Private Hospital, Wantirna, 3152

  • The Mercy Hospital, Heidelberg, 3084

  • Mitcham Private Hospital, Mitcham, 3032

  • Monash Hospital, Clayton, 3168

  • Mount Waverley Private Hospital, Mt. Waverley, 3149

  • Casey  Hospital, Berwick

  • St John of God, Berwick

  • Monash Dandenong, Dandenong

  • Cabrini Hospital, Malvern

  • Royal Women’s Hospital, Parkville

  • Frances Perry House, Parkville

  • Epworth Freemason’s, East Melbourne

  • St Vincent’s Private, Fitzroy

  • Northpark Private, Bundoora

  • Northern Hospital, Epping

The following hospitals below incur a $50 travel charge:

  • Sandringham Hospital, Sandringham

  • The Bays, Mornington

  • Joan Kirner Hospital, Sunshine

  • Peninsula Private, Langwarrin

  • West Gippsland Hospital, Warragul

  • Werribee Mercy, Werribee

  • Kilmore Hospital, Kilmore

  • Barwon Health, Geelong

  • Latrobe Regional Hospital, Traralgon

  • Mansfield District Hospital, Mansfield

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