Privacy Policy

Any personal information we collect is collected to provide you with an efficient, safer and customised trading experience. This allows us to provide service that is most likely to meet your needs, and to customise our services to make your experience safer and easier. We only collect personal information about you that we consider necessary for this reason. We do not sell or rent any personal information about you to any third party. No information that you provide us will be used for any other purpose other than the transaction that you provided it for initially, This includes, and is not limited to all credit card information, bank details and personal addresses. We do not allow anyone access any of your personal information.

We may lawfully disclose your personal information for law enforcement or regulatory purposes. We cooperate with law enforcement enquiries and other third parties to enforce laws, intellectual property and other rights. We can (and you authorise us to) disclose any information about you to law enforcement or other governmental officials as we deem necessary, in any activity that is illegal or may expose us to legal liability.

This privacy policy is subject to change, based on your feedback, and any other necessity that may pop into our heads. If you feel that this is missing an essential point, contact us on the contact us page and we will add it accordingly. Thank you for reading the long, boring legal stuff, now treat yourself to something much more exciting!!


*The act of consuming one’s own placenta encapsulated has not been officially investigated by the TGA or the FDA, therefore PEP’s  placenta encapsulation service is not meant to treat any disease, illness or symptoms. Ingesting your own placenta is done so at your own risk.


Terms and conditions

  • As studies of the benefits of the ingestion of your placenta have not yet been released to the general public clients that utilize this service do so at their own risk
  • While the act of encapsulating your placenta professionally is not currently a regulated service PEP endeavours to provide the safest and highest standard service possible in the absence of regulation.
  • In signing the booking documentation you agree that PEP is not liable and does not take responsibility for any results or effects you may experience before, during or after consuming the placenta.
  • All methods of sanitization of equipment used by PEP follow Australian Government Safe Food Handling, Blood Borne Pathogen and PSA guidelines and regulations.
  • Chemical disinfectants are used to sanitize equipment before and after each placenta. This may cause a small delay with delivery and delay the delivery window beyond 60 hours if there is an influx of many placentas.
  • PEP does not take responsibility for damaged or lost placentas before the placenta comes into our care.
  • PEP reserves the right to refuse processing of any placenta deemed to be unsafe due to contamination caused by improper storage or handling.
  • PEP reserves the right to refuse processing of any placenta deemed to be unsafe due to contamination by heavy meconium staining or nicotine.
  • If a placenta cannot be processed for reasons beyond the Client’s control, a full refund, less deposit will be made.
  • A full refund, less deposit, will be made if a client cancels a booking prior the estimated due date.
  • A refund will not be given if a Client cancels the booking after a placenta has been received.